June 18, 2024

NextBase Unveils New iQ Dash Camera with AI Technology

NextBase, a leading provider of dash cameras, has recently announced the release of their new innovative dash camera, the iQ. The NextBase iQ is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology and 4G connectivity, offering more than just real-time crash detection.

The iQ dash camera continuously monitors the vehicle, detecting break-in attempts, driving incidents, and more. NextBase believes that taking the role of a dash camera to the next level will have significant implications for safety, insurance claims, and real-time access.

According to Dustin Alred, the head of North American operations at NextBase, consumers are not only concerned about on-road incidents but also about break-ins and theft. The iQ dash camera aims to address these concerns by providing users with the ability to anticipate, prevent, and defend against incidents both on the road and while parked.

Unlike Europe, where dash camera footage and placement guidelines are established to gain rewards from insurance companies, there is currently no standard for this in the United States. Richard Browning, NextBase’s Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, points out that most insurance agents and lawyers are looking for data, not just images. The iQ dash camera is designed to collect data from 20 minutes before an incident to 20 minutes after, including vehicle speed, multiple camera angles, and more, making it invaluable in court or during negotiations to determine fault.

The core component of the NextBase iQ is a forward-facing in-cabin camera that mounts to the windscreen just behind and slightly below the rearview mirror. The iQ can be connected to the vehicle’s OBD port or via a fuse jumper. Additionally, the iQ dash camera has the option for an additional camera, which wirelessly connects to the main unit and can be mounted in the rear window.

While the vehicle is in operation, the NextBase iQ records in high-resolution, ranging from 1080p to 4K, depending on the camera purchased. It records simultaneously from all connected cameras and saves the previous 20 minutes of activity, along with additional data such as GPS-based vehicle speed detection and coordinates, when an incident occurs.

In case of an unresponsive driver, the iQ dash camera activates Emergency SOS mode and sends incident location information to emergency services via the cellular network. The iQ can also immediately alert any emergency contact listed and send accident information directly to an insurance agent or contact.

When the vehicle is parked, the NextBase iQ switches to Smart Sense Parking mode. This mode reduces vehicle battery usage by utilizing low-power proximity sensing and g-force awareness sensors. The iQ’s proximity radius can be adjusted via the NextBase app, and when a potential threat is detected, the iQ wakes up, begins recording, and can send an alert to the vehicle owner.

Using AI-enabled technologies like facial detection, the NextBase iQ can distinguish if a person near the vehicle is passing by, entering an adjacent vehicle, or actively looking inside the iQ-protected vehicle. Real-time event notifications will include this information, and the iQ can send recordings to the cloud, making sure that even if the camera is stolen or disabled, the data is still accessible.

The NextBase iQ also offers voice activation features, allowing users to control the camera in real-time. As Alred mentioned, privacy is essential to some individuals, and voice activation enables the user to turn off the in-cabin camera or mute the microphone when needed.

The iQ dash camera will soon be updated via over-the-air updates to include additional capabilities such as Monitoring Mode, which disables certain features in specific situations, such as when the car is with a mechanic, valet, or teenage driver. It also allows for the setting of GPS boundaries for teenage drivers and sending alerts if those boundaries are crossed.

The NextBase iQ connects via the T-Mobile network. Without a subscription, the iQ and app offer voice control and text notifications but do not provide cloud storage. However, subscription plans ranging from $100/year to $200/year are available, offering more features and storage. Monthly options are also available and can be activated or deactivated as required.

The NextBase iQ is currently available for purchase at Best Buy stores, online, and via NextBase’s official website. Prices start at $500 for the 1080p unit, $600 for the 2K unit, and $700 for the 4K unit. In November, NextBase will also be offering an optional rear-of-vehicle camera add-on for $200.

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