April 13, 2024

New Study Shows Keratin Microsphere Gel as a Promising Hair Growth Solution

A recent study conducted on mice has revealed that keratin microsphere gel could be a potential breakthrough in promoting hair growth. The gel is formulated with keratin-based microspheres that swell in water to create a gel-like consistency. This innovative product has demonstrated efficacy in stimulating hair follicle growth in murine models, raising hopes for its application as an active ingredient in hair regrowth treatments with minimal side effects.

Traditionally, the skin acts as a protective barrier, limiting the penetration of particles and safeguarding against external threats. However, recent research suggests that small particles containing substances that promote hair growth can surpass this barrier and target the hair follicles directly.

The study, led by the University of Tsukuba and published in ACS Applied Bio Materials, focused on the topical application of a water-soluble oxidized keratin gel (keratin microsphere gel) on mice. The results showed a significant enhancement in cell proliferation and the expression of genes associated with hair growth in the papilla cells of hair follicles, thus stimulating hair development.

Upon application of the water-based keratin microsphere gel on shaved mouse backs, hair regrowth was observed as early as the second day post-treatment, with subsequent accelerated growth rates. This effect was comparable to the results achieved with minoxidil, a well-known hair growth stimulant.

Moreover, genetic analysis of the dorsal skin tissue samples from mice indicated an upregulation in the expression of genes related to hair cycle regulation and skin homeostasis. A skin model was also developed, combining a human epidermal model on the surface with primary human papilla cells underneath. This model confirmed the stimulatory effects of keratin microspheres on papilla cells through gene expression analysis, demonstrating the gel’s ability to permeate the skin barrier.

These groundbreaking findings shed light on the potential of keratin microsphere gel as a hair growth promoter. Given that keratin is a key component of hair and skin, its utilization as a hair growth agent is viewed as safe and effective, with minimal adverse effects anticipated. This study marks a significant step towards harnessing the regenerative power of keratin for enhancing hair growth.

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