May 21, 2024
Nail Care

Essential Nail Care Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

Healthy and well-maintained nails are important not only for aesthetic appeal but also for proper functioning of hands. Just like skin and hair, nails also require regular care and maintenance. Neglecting nail care can lead to various nail issues like nail fungus, discoloration, brittle nails, etc.

Nail Hygiene

Keeping nails clean is the most basic yet crucial part of nail care. Dirty nails can trap bacteria and fungi underneath leading to infections. It is advisable to:

– Wash hands with soap and water regularly, particularly after outdoor activities.

– Gently scrub nails with a toothbrush while washing to remove dirt and debris trapped underneath.

– Use a nail brush or orange stick to clean underneath nails.

– Dry nails completely before applying nail polish to prevent bacteria/fungus growth in moist environment.

– Soak nails in warm water if they are very dirty to loosen debris before scrubbing.

Cutting and Filing

Proper cutting and filing of Nail Care is necessary for grooming as well as to prevent discomfort and ingrown nails. Here are some tips:

– Cut nails straight across corners and not too short to prevent ingrown nails.

– File nails into smooth rounded shapes after cutting instead of leaving sharp edges.

– Gently push back cuticles with an orangewood stick instead of cutting.

– Only cut one nail at a time and file using long back-and-forth motions along the nail length.

Moisturizing Nails

Like skin and hair, nails also need moisture to stay nourished and flexible. Dry and brittle nails are prone to splitting and breaking. Some effective nail moisturizers include:

– Coconut, almond or olive oil – Apply a few drops of oil on nails and rub it in.

– Creams/butters – Nail creams containing shea butter, cocoa butter, etc. work well.

– Foot/nail masks – Hydrating foot/nail masks once a week replenishes moisture.

– Cuticle oils – Gently massage cuticle oil on cuticles and tips of nails daily.

Strengthening Nails Naturally

There are certain foods, vitamins and home remedies that help strengthen nails from within:

– Biotin rich foods like eggs, avocado, nuts boost nail health.

– Gelatin provides amino acids for strong nails.

– Massaging cuticles with lemon juice whitens nails.

– Applying castor or coconut oil overnight conditions nails.

– Taking calcium, iron and vitamin supplements aids nail growth.

Manicure and Polishing

Regular manicures help evaluate nail health and keep nails well-groomed. A few pointers on manicures and polishing:

– Shape nails consistently to train them into an attractive shape.

– Push back cuticles gently with a wooden stick during manicures.

– Apply basecoat before polish to strengthen nails and prevent stains.

– Use high-quality polish in thin coats and apply topcoat for a glossy look.

– Allow polish to dry fully between coats for an even finish without smudges.

– Remove chipped polish immediately to prevent bacteria from entering nails.

Common Nail Issues

In spite of the best efforts, some nail issues can crop up due to various causes.

Fungal Infections

– Caused by fungal organisms that thrive in warm, moist areas.

– Signs are yellow or white spots on nails, thickness, separation from nail bed.

– Can be prevented by keeping nails dry and using antifungal products.

– See a doctor for oral antifungal medication if over-the-counter creams don’t work.

Brittle Nails

– Due to inadequate moisture or nutrition leading to dry, flaky nails.

– Regular clipping, filing and moisturizing helps. Vitamin supplements may be needed.

– Be extra gentle while clipping/filing brittle nails to prevent breaks.

Ingrown Nails

– Caused by improper cutting of nails leading to edge growing into skin.

– Symptoms are pain, redness or pus around nail edges.

– Seek doctor’s advice for severe ingrown toenails to prevent infection.


– Stains from nail polish/chemicals, fungal infections or systemic illnesses.

– Usually not serious but improve appearance with proper manicures.

– Consult doctor if new discoloration appears due to an underlying condition.

With simple daily and weekly care practices along with a healthy lifestyle, one can maintain beautiful and healthy nails. Seeking timely medical advice for persistent nail issues is also important to prevent worsening of conditions. Adhering to proper nail care keeps nails in fine condition and appearance.

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