April 20, 2024

Blue Gold: Navigating Opportunities in the Blueberry Ingredients Industry

The Blueberry Ingredients Market is Poised to Witness High Growth owing to Rising Consumption of Functional Foods

Blueberry ingredients are mainly extracted from the blueberry fruit and are used in various food and beverage products due to their high nutritional value. Blueberry ingredients provide numerous health benefits such as high concentration of antioxidants, vitamin C and K, manganese, and dietary fiber. They help reduce the risk of heart diseases, cancer, improve brain functions, maintain digestive health and promote weight loss. Blueberry ingredients can be used to enhance flavor, color and nutrition in various applications like yogurts, cereals, bakery products, juices, smoothies and others.

The global blueberry ingredients market is estimated to be valued at USD 2, 2277.4 Mn in 2024 and is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 7.3% over the forecast period 2023 to 2030.

Key Takeaways

Key players operating in the blueberry ingredients market are Ingredion Incorporated, AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG, Dohler GmbH, Sensient Technologies Corporation, Tianjin Jianfeng Natural Product R&D Co. Ltd, Givaudan SA, FutureCeuticals, Scenic Fruit Company, Atlantic Blueberry Company Inc., and Jasper Wyman & Son Inc.

The key opportunities in the blueberry ingredients market include new product launches that cater to the rising demand for functional, clean label and organic food products. Growing popularity of blueberry ingredients in cosmetic and personal care industry is also expected to drive market growth.

Globally, North America dominates the blueberry ingredients market owing to high per capita consumption of blueberries and related products in the region. However, Asia Pacific market is expected to witness highest growth over the forecast period with increasing health consciousness among consumers in countries like China and India.

Market Drivers

The rising consumption of functional food and beverages across the world is a major market driver. Customers are increasingly opting for food products enriched with nutrients that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Blueberry ingredients offer various functional properties and help manufacture such healthy food and beverages. This is expected to drive the demand over the coming years.

PEST Analysis

Political: Changes in government policies like subsidies and regulations can impact the blueberry ingredients market.

Economic: Economic growth influences consumer spending power which affects demand for high value fruit ingredients like blueberries.

Social: Rising health consciousness and preference for natural foods with antioxidants is driving consumption of blueberry ingredients.

Technological: New developments in cold chain logistics, processing techniques and longer shelf-life formulations help players tap global markets and offer products year-round.Advanced technologies also aid quality consistency.

Geographical regions of concentration

North America accounts for the largest share of the global blueberry ingredients market by value, led by the United States.Easy availability of domestic blueberry supplies and high per capita consumption make it an attractive regional market.

Fastest growing region

The Asia Pacific region is expected to grow at the fastest pace over the forecast period owing to rising health awareness, westernization of diets, and growing use of blueberry ingredients by food and beverage manufacturers catering to these trends.China, India and other developing nations offer immense untapped potential.